Have a question?

How much art can I send?

Our packages allow for up to 200 pieces of artwork. We place 1 item per page. If you send us more artwork than the package purchased, we will pick what we feel will work best with the layout. Just about anything goes. Paintings, drawings, cards, little notes, scrap books, cut-outs, collages and 3D objects. The brighter and bolder the better! Abstract shapes look great too. If a piece of artwork is more abstract, please help us by indicating which way up it should be, we don’t want to offend the artist.  We would caution against sending anything too delicate that might get damaged in transit. Please avoid folding or rolling items as this doesn’t photograph well.

How much does it cost?

The price varies based on the number of pages/pieces of art you select. You can see all our pricing options here. Our packages are all inclusive of courier, photography, editing, compilation, and printing.

Do I get the art back?

The choice is yours, we can deliver the art back with your finished book or recycle the originals, helping you clear up the clutter.

How does it work?

The process is really easy. Once we receive your proof of payment, we send a Bumble Box to your address for you to fill with your child’s precious master pieces. You email us once the box is ready for collection. We start working on your art book, once complete we deliver your art book with the original art.

How long do I have to send back the artwork?

Once you receive your empty box, you have two months to request a return of your artwork. If you require more time, please get in contact with us to avoid a penalty charge.

How long does it take?

The entire process takes about 4-8 weeks. If you need your artwork or book back sooner, please contact us to arrange an expedited order.

Can I have a message in the book?

If you would like a special message at the beginning of the book or chapter please write it clearly in print at the back of the page provided in your box.

Can the art appear in chronological order?

If you would like the book to appear in chronological order please number clearly 1-200 on the back of each piece. We do recommend that you allow us to move a few pieces around to help create a creative flow.

Can I send art for more than one child?

If you’re sending art for more than one child and think that you can fit all of the artwork in one box please separate the artwork clearly. We do not want to make any mistakes.

Where are you based?

We are based in Centurion, but as our services are all inclusive, we accept orders throughout South Africa.

Can I place more than 1 item per page?

We strongly advise against placing more than 1 item per page. Our packages include editing and placement of 1 item per page. If you would still like to place more than 1 item on a page, we will simply print less pages. For example, a 60 page book allows for 60 items of artwork.

What if my artwork is bigger than A3?

You are welcome to send bigger artwork. We advise that you lightly fold pages (avoiding making hard creases) when placing items larger than A3 in the box. Flat items photograph the best. Rolling the artwork should be avoided where possible, but if needed, we advise that you roll the artwork with the image facing outwards.

Can I send 3D and pottery items?

Of course! 3D items (such as pottery or art and craft creations) are welcome- our boxes are usually big enough to fit in all of the artwork. Please wrap any breakables in the paper provided to prevent breakage during transport.